Interior Design Guides/Tips Resources

I constantly have obsessions with things which could honestly just be my an aspie thing, but who knows. My recent obsession has been interior design. I’ve been watching documentaries, videos, TV shows, reading articles and just generally learning and consuming as much as possible about interior design. Below I listed out some of the resources I have found super useful.

  • The documentary, BBC Design Rules, explores 6 concepts of interior design: Space & Planning, Color, Lighting, Pattern & Texture, Interior Planning, and Personality.
  • This interior designer (Baiyina) has a bunch of resources. One of them is her YouTube channel. I found this video really useful in terms of where to shop. And the other resource is her style quiz. The quiz spits back out what your interior design style is AND will give you tips on how to implement those styles as well as what style of furniture you should look out for. So when I took the quiz, my style came up as “Modern Eclectic”. And in my profile it said I should look for furniture that’s Mid-Century, Industrial, Minimalist and Bohemian. <- knowing this has made looking for furniture that much easier.
  • I think this website gives practical and reasonable advice, Apartment Therapy (and their YouTube channel. Like they have this cute video on how you should hang curtains). For example, the bathroom of my new place doesn’t have windows, so I looked for decoration advice for windowless bathrooms and a bunch of articles came up on how to deal with it. Houzz is another website I’ve found useful. The website is a little hard to navigate and it’s a very wide range of stuff (that can sometimes be really funky). The guides on the website are great. The other stuff is more geared towards people who own their homes and have the $$ to renovate/remodel. – After you’ve taken the style quiz, you could then find/Google blogs that are geared towards that style!
  • This YouTube channel is called Kin. It’s a mixture of all things related to home, so cooking, DIY stuff, decorating, etc. So a great page for those crafty-inclined. They also have great tips and guides.
  • Another YouTube channel is Live Your Style. This channel is full of decorating guides.

I’ve been so inspired by all the things I’ve learned that I decided to create a rough draft/preliminary mood board of my next bedroom (I’m moving this week). Although this would be generally what I want, I have a couple of problems. I may be overestimating how much space I actually have and I definitely don’t have the full budget for all of this. The space thing is honestly not that big of a deal. And in terms of budget, as per advice given, I’ve been looking for alternatives on Craigslist, Offer Up, and will be visiting vintage/second-hand/consignment stores for furniture.

I will definitely post photos of the final room in a few months when I feel like it’s ready!

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